The global world, this paradigmatic mosaic is increasingly interconnected and it is our vital need to understand it in full context not just superficial information to build the necessary relationships for understanding each other’s cultures and religions, to learn to respect each other’s needs, to understand the need to help and protect the socially disadvantaged or disabled.
The need to be helpful is deeply rooted in every human being and is our natural property.
Therefore, it is also the main purpose of the HUMANITY Foundation to be able to fight respectfully for the human dignity and human rights for socially weak or disadvantaged.

Our activities in the foundation activities are literally global in nature, so the members and colleagues of our foundation are not only citizens of Slovak Republic, but also Czech Republic, UAE and Hungary.

As a social tool for promoting and protecting human rights and freedoms, the HUMANITY foundation will be guided by the following purposes:

Humanitarian aid to persons affected by natural disasters and war conflicts

Protection of human rights, youth development and environmental protection

Support for socially disadvantaged, dependent families and persons in material need

Support of institutions and facilities for children and youth

Support for school and pre-school facilities

Support for the development of science and education

Support for national minorities

Support for the disabeled people

Support for culture and the arts

Support for non-profit organizations

Contribution of funds and non-financial grants for the purpose for which the Foundation was established.